The Duodecarchy X the Hexarchy

The Duodexarchy (or the Hexarchy, from some viewpoints) is a cooperating pantheon of 12 distinct Greater Gods, or 6 scalar Greater Gods who range between two extremes (such as Wisdom and Folly). There are no “evil” Greater Gods as such, or cosmological manifestations or anthropomorphic personalizations likewise, but there are Lesser Gods such as Pelshe, the local draconic protector of WysFal Wysmoth/Falmoth, which may be good or evil in their actions (Pelshe is definitely good, though both reticent and dangerous).

Because of the natively low-magic nature of Culdesac, most Lesser Gods are tutelary ones tied to specific locations and limited in the range of their powers who usually survive mainly through pacts with their worshippers.

The Greater Gods are most often presented in a clockface orientation, beginning with Folly at 12, and continuing with Love, Creation, Stability, Possession, Strength, Wisdom, Truth, Consumption, Movement, Charity, and finally Beauty at 11.

Scalar Hexarchy pairs, again rotation clockwise, are Folly/Wisdom, Love/Truth, Creation/Consumption, Stability/Movement, Possession/Charity, and finally Strength/Beauty.

There are two primary mystical progressions similar to the Greater Tarot in the arrangement, one clockwise circular, the other crossing the face progressively.

While most people worship the Greater Gods in general and as appropriate to context, some few focus particularly on one or two of them. Miracles are not unknown, but the price is usually a long term of service to the God rather than material goods. Lifesaving miracles, such as curing cancer, usually mean a lifetime of service from that point forward. The Gods do favor people with unusual powers, but only rarely. Petitioners are much more likely to receive empowered items that can be used only once but for a range of purposes.

The Duodecarchy X the Hexarchy

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